THE NAMES WE TAKE (5/19/2020)


To be published by Ooligan Press

 In THE NAMES WE TAKE, 17 yo. Pip is a scrappy intersex tomboy rejected by her parents for being the female side of herself. After One Mile Cough kills almost everyone, she stumbles across a child covered in ashes and makes the uncomfortable choice to be saddled with the responsibility of caring for someone other than herself. With the help of a dangerous girl – who might just steal her heart – Pip fights to protect her makeshift family and hopes to be accepted for who she is.

TNWT is a YA Dystopian set in Spokane, Washington that appeals to readers of LGBT+, action and adventure, and girl positive stories that pass the Bechdel test.

As for me, like the main character, Pip, I am bisexual. My main goal in creating Pip was to have a queer character where sexuality and gender is part of who they are, but isn’t the focus of the story.