I’m a bisexual misfit mom of two who was born into the PNW’s mossy embrace many many years ago.

It is a documented fact that a lifetime of cloudy skies and rain gives the gift of a sarcastic wit. Please excuse snarky comments said with a smile and a wink–salt water pumps through my veins.

I love writing stories about queer teens & happy endings that I didn’t grow up seeing in books. AND even better if the story is magical, mystical, strange, and dark! I craft adventures that make you stay up late at night, reading until the book is done & your glasses are fogged (because, DAMN, it gets hot under those blankets).

If you love The Raven Cycle, The 5th Season, Six of Crows, Trail of Lightning or anything by Terry Pratchett–you might like the kind of work I love to create.

When I’m not social distancing or adding to my massive TBR pile, I┬ácan sometimes be heard on Spokane Public Radio as the producer & co-host of the light hearted science and history podcast called Brain Junk.

I live a life of organized chaos in Spokane with a gardening crazed chemist, one kid who’s still at home, several chickens, three cats, and a darling chocolate lab named, Ruby.

My first novel, THE NAMES WE TAKE, came out in 2020.