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The Divine Food Pod is a YA contemporary fantasy where Raven Boys meets The Magicians. Complete at 76,000 words, it takes place in the Divine Food Pod where soothsayers and witches serve up meals and fortunes to an unsuspecting world.

Fifteen-year-old Fall Paxton is done with being taught how to pick locks by a pyromancer and fed up with a magical gift that compels her to return stolen things to their owners. And that black-haired harpy she’s madly-in-crush with? She isn’t into girls.

As if that wasn’t enough, a young magician is dead and when his organs are donated, a bit of magic hitches a ride and begins to make their recipients sick.

When the pod’s oldest witch begins to forget how to collect his lost magic, the entire pod is in danger, without his magic, the spell created to protect the pod will crumble. Fall must use her misunderstood gift to retrieve the lost pieces to shore up the spell around the Divine Food Pod and save the lives of the last two organ recipients.