I graduated from Washington State University in 1995 with a degree in creative writing and I did what any self respecting liberal arts major would do…

Nothing remotely related to my field of study.  I’ve worked as a barista, had the privilege to work in a zoo and an aquarium, sold handmade goods at a local farmer’s market, had kids, taught Montessori third graders how to write research papers, volunteered as a Dewey decimal loving, library superhero, trained a dog (you get the idea.)

The whole time I was learning; socking away experiences and creating entire worlds. All the while I held ideas and plot lines in my head. I reached the point where, if I didn’t start writing things down, my ideas would bury themselves in a knotted pile I’d never get untangled.  I set a deadline and got to work. The next year was learning how to write — really write. All the words and all the mistakes. I queried the shit out of that first book-baby and it was awful. But I learned. As Mr. Hemingway said once, the first draft of anything is shit. And looking back at manuscript #1, he was so right.

But, I also found things that I loved. Creating a normal world with unexpected twists and turns. Placing regular people in extraordinary circumstances and being right there to watch how it all played out. Writing outlines on a giant whiteboard and seeing all the pieces fit together is a dream that makes me come back to the keyboard again and again.

I’ve got several irons in the fire; firstly, looking for representation for my second manuscript and writing a third story that’s BLISS meets RAVEN BOYS with a smidgen of ENGELSFORS TRILOGY.

I grew up in Seattle and currently live in Spokane, WA.  I’ve spent most of my life in some part of the Pacific Northwest. Nothing makes me happier than hiking through the woods on a foggy day. Yep, I’m one of those people.

I live with my gardening crazed, chemist husband, two kiddos, whiny cats, and a faithful chocolate lab named Ruby.

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